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What I didn’t really get or understand before I owned a Griff was how in-tuned they become with their owners-- developing a permanent bond;  how powerful they are and how much substance they have; that they need / must have a lot of exercise.  I didn’t appreciate what versatility means to these dogs, fulfilling their genetic imperative -- they love water and love to hunt above anything else.  I really didn’t comprehend how funny, sometimes goofy and how almost all have clownish personalities.  They stay pup-like until they are three or four and some never grow up.  I didn’t understand how much they need to please, to have a job to do and how easily they get bored if they don’t.  And, I would have never imagined how sloppy they are when they drink water! 

Griffons are a fairly rare breed, and therefore have a small gene pool.  Selective breeding is of the utmost importance and we are evaluating all the dogs to ensure the proper choice of sire's and dam's.  Our goal is based on continually improving the Flatbrook line as well as the general Griff gene pool.


It is clear from our research , readings and discussions that testing the sire & dam before breeding is the only effective way to maintain and improve a breed, particularly a rare breed. Health testing, temperament evaluation, testing hunting ability, and conformation evaluation. Moving from getting a dog to hang out with and hunt with to breeding dogs was a big step that required commitment.

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A legacy of winners

We at Flatbrook Sporting Dogs are dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon as a Versatile Gundog and Companion.